Shape Shift

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2004, miniDV, color/sound, 10 mins.

A simple technique with two opposing cameras reveals a body transposed upon itself, confounding the limits of its own physical space.


"Scott Stark's Shape Shift employs a devious editing device that thoroughly destroys our sense of physical integrity. What is the artist's body? A fixed resource poised for delivery? Or a plastic volume for easy reinvention?" - Steve Seid, Pacific Film Archive

"Relaxing repeatedly, from one angle and its opposite, mirroring actions and sounds, testing textures and mashing them altogether in a fuck-all barrage of lonesome symmetry, Stark captures the moments within each moment in an echo-cham-ber peek into a day in the life of a reticent exhibitionist." -- Riley O'Bryan, Cinematexas

"Stark has produced another droll, rigorous winner." Michael Sicinski, The Academic Hack.

Shape Shift (studio demo) from Scott Stark on Vimeo.