Complete Filmography

Tenpin Arpeggio (digital video, 2012/2023)
Damnation (2022, digital video, color/sound, 17 mins.)
We Are All These (2023, digital video and poem)
Underlying Persistent Volumes (digital video with live accompaniment, 2022)
Underlying Persistent Volumes v1.1 (digital video with live accompaniment, 2022)
The Last Forever (digital video, 2022)
Damnation (digital video, 2022)
Love and the Epiphanists (35mm film, plus live performance elements, 2018/19)
Is it true what they say (HD video, 2015)
Traces/Legacy (35mm film, 2015)
The Realist (HD video, 2013)
BLOOM (digital video, 2012)
Traces (35mm film, 2012)
One Way to Find Out (35mm film, 2012)
Tenpin Arpeggio (MiniDV video, 2012)
Valencia (16mm film, 2011)
Compressive/Percussive (MiniDV video for two projectors, 2010)
Longhorn Tremolo (MiniDV video, 2010)
Speechless (16mm film and digital video, 2008)
Right (MiniDV video, 2008)
All About the Illusion (MiniDV video, 2006)
More Than Meets the Eye: Remaking Jane Fonda (Hi-8 & MiniDV video, 2006)
Driven (MiniDV video, 2005)
Shape Shift (MiniDV video, 2004)
Mutable Commute (MiniDV video, 2003)
Chop (MiniDV video, 2003)
To Love or To Die (MiniDV video, 2003)
The Tells (MiniDV video, 2002)
Angel Beach (16mm film, 2001)
SLOW (MiniDV video, 2001)
Posers (video, 2000)
in.side.out (video, 1999)
NOEMA (video, 16mm film 1998)
Back in the Saddle Again (16mm film, 1997)
Archimedes' Screw (Hi-8mm tape, 1996)
Under a Blanket of Blue (Super-8mm film, 1996)
I'll Walk with God (16mm film, 1994)
Acceleration (Super-8mm film, 1993)
Unauthorized Access (Hi8mm video, 1993)
Denea Bull Run (Super-8mm film, 1993)
Imperfect Solutions (16mm film, 1984/1992)
Tender Duplicity (16mm film, 1992)
Don't Even Think (Super-8mm film, 1992)
So Ein Tag (3/4" video, 1991)
Episiotomy (Super-8mm film, 1990)
Protective Coloration (16mm film, 1990)
Satrapy (16mm film, 1988)
W (3 Super-8mm projectors, 1988)
Splitting You Splitting Me Still (Regular 8mm film, 1988)
Field Guide to Feeding Humans (Male) (Regular 8mm film, 1988)
Field Guide to Feeding Humans (Female) (Regular 8mm film, 1988)
Corners (Regular 8mm film, 1988)
The Sound of His Face (16mm film, 1988)
Chromesthetic Response (16mm film, 1987)
[Sustain] (Super-8mm film, 1987)
Crazy (Super-8mm film, 1987)
Detector (Super-8mm film, 1987)
H (3 Super-8mm film projectors) (1987)
Low Resolution TV (Super-8mm film, 1986)
Air (16mm film, 1986)
Probability (Super-8mm film, 1985)
LVN/Redux (Super-8mm film, 1985)
11/9/85/Las/Vegas/NV (Super-8mm film, 1985)
Tie Film (Super-8mm film, 1985)
Max Film (Super-8mm film, 1985)
Home Film (Super-8mm film, 1984)
Language (Super-8mm film, 1984)
Texturale (Super-8mm film, 1984)
Urban Archeology #3 (Super-8mm film, 1983)
Generation 30 (16mm film, 1983)
Hotel Cartograph (16mm film, 1983)
Waves & Reyes (Super-8mm film, 1982)
Umbrella Man (16mm film, 1982)
Urban Archeology #1 (Super-8mm film, 1982)
Degrees of Limitation (16mm film, 1982)
The Function of the Gland in Relation to the Stimulus (16mm film, 1982)
Corporate Accounting (16mm film, 1982)
Geneva (Super-8mm film, 1982)
Straddle (Super-8mm film, 1981)
Truck (Super-8mm film, 1981)
Disaffected Motor Response (Super-8mm film, 1981)
Learning to Breathe Above Ground (Super-8mm film, 1981)
Waterhole (Super-8mm film, 1981)
S.F. Skyline (Super-8mm film, 1981)
Proof: A Fragment (16mm film, 1980)
Rescission (Super-8mm film, 1980)
Abrasion (Super-8mm film, 1980)