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2001, MiniDV, color/sound, 16 mins.

SLOW uses a simple cinematic device -- the wipe -- to interweave human and mechanical movements through fixed spaces over time, revealing potent absences and reflected presences.


"An utterly prescient and fascinating portrait of urban space and our increasingly common experience of fragmentation." -- Holly Willis, LA Weekly

"[Slow] is one of those films that cuts up pieces of ordinary reality and arranges them into regular rhythmical patterns, giving them the appeal of music. This is a technique that I've always loved when it is well done, and here it is very well done indeed.... The appealing waltz-like rhythm of "Slow," through repetition, makes the rhythms inherent in ordinary scenes jump out at us, and enhances our ability to appreciate and enjoy their dynamic qualities." -- David Finkelstein,

"The slashing movement of mechanized wipes acts as a magic wand morphing surfaces and hyphenating time and space. In these rythymic vanishing acts and nuptial comminglings presence and absence buoy on the surface of liquid relations.The world emerges with a new set of intermingled alloys gasping for breath but integral within an ideal confusion." -- Mark McElhatten, International Film Festival Rotterdam

Best of 2001 (list) -- Gavin Smith, Editor, Film Comment